Insurance Introduction

Types of Insurance

Insurance Principles

Risk and Uncertainty

Risk and Uncertainty: Navigating the Complex Terrain of Decision-Making

In the realms of business, finance, healthcare, and everyday life, the…

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Principle of Utmost Good Faith: Examining the duty of disclosure in insurance

The principle of utmost good faith is a fundamental concept in insurance that imposes a duty of disclosure on both the insured and the insurer. It…

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The Significance of Indemnity in Insurance Contracts



Insurance is a risk management tool that provides financial protection against unforeseen events or losses. One of the…

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Demystifying Subrogation: How It Works in the Insurance Industry

Insurance is all about managing risks and protecting against unforeseen losses. When something goes wrong, policyholders rely on their insurance coverage…

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Principle of Indemnity in Insurance

The principle of reprisal asserts that on the passing of a loss the insured shall be put back into the same fiscal position as he used to enthrall incontinently before…

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Application of Principle of Indemnity to Various Branches of Insurance Life

Except for life and particular accident insurance, all insurance contracts are contracts of reprisal. Life and particular accident insurance aren't contracts of recompenses simply because life or branch can…

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